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“You may indeed exemplify kindness in how you treat your children and your grandmother…But if you honk you horn in red-faced anger at a slow-moving grandmother who’s taking her grandchildren to school, then you are way, way out of balance”   – Dr. Wayne Dyer

 Wow, was Mr. Dyer in the car with me that day?!

It was one of those experiences where you say to yourself “Never again, this is not the person I want to be!”

I had just been a real A-hole to a fellow driver, and I was embarrassed at what a jerk I could be.

I beeped my horn madly and quickly swerved around this car that apparently didn’t care the light had turned green (at least a nano-second ago). When I looked to the side to give the driver that mean look, you know the one I’m talking about, I instantly knew what was happening.

There was a teenage girl at the wheel, the mother in the passenger seat – this was possibly the first time the young lady was out on the road learning to drive.

I was horribly embarrassed!

I’ve been there!   My two children were beginners once.  Heck, we’ve all been there – out on the road driving for the first time!

I could visibly tell that I had put both mom and daughter on edge.

It actually crushed my heart that I acted with such anger and had most likely caused them some anxiety, fear, and stress.

I just wanted to go paddleboarding and get my Zen on.

Acting this way was such a disconnect for me.  Here I was teaching yoga and meditation. How Zen was this behavior!”  I felt like a fake, a total hypocrite.

That’s when I made the decision to work on becoming a more mindful-kindful driver regardless of how other people were driving.

THAT mindful, kindful person was what I wanted to be.

My goal was to determine how to maintain a peaceful mindset, be a kind and thoughtful driver – when there are so many drivers that are not.  Like me, that day.

I love how the universe gives us opportunities to grow our capacities. Well, most of the time.

Personally, I believe that until my last breath, my goal in life is to continually learn to react to my external circumstances from a more authentic loving place – and less from my conditioned personality.

“As we grow up we begin to feed our personalities and starve our essence”  – Unknown

More and more I want to discover my capacity to be the best version of my true self.

Almost 10 years had passed since I had taken my first 8-Week Mindfulness Workshop.  I’ve been endeavoring to bring more mindfulness to my life. From more mindful eating, more mindful conversations, more mindfulness in my leadership in the spa I owned, more mindfulness to my habits.

“Mindfulness gives us a way to be in wise relationship with our experience”.  – Jon Kabit-Zinn

NOW I needed to bring more mindfulness and definitely more kindness, more compassion to my driving.

So my journey began; To have more alignment with who I wanted to identify myself as.  A kind, loving, joyful and compassionate human being. I did not want to identify with that crazy lady honking my horn in red-faced anger at a new driver.

I would love to hear how you may have worked through driving without compassion!

Connie Warden

The Well-Being Warrior

Za Zen Lifestyle


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