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Why Participate in a 28 Day Yoga Challenge?

Join me from February 1st to February 28th!

You can win prizes! (See Below)

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$20 with a 40 minute one-on-one coaching session
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Yoga on the Beach

Yoga will increase your vitality

It expands your capacity for strength, balance, and flexibility for both the body and the mind.

It helps you be more aware of your innate (essential) capacities of inner openness, equanimity, and strength.

Consistency is the ONLY way to cultivate our essential qualities.

One of my “whys” for doing yoga consistently, is being able to play with my grandkids on the floor.

Two ways to win a prize

1) The person with the most DAYS of doing yoga (minimum of 5 minutes per time)

  • 30-minute massage or de-stress acupuncture session
  • Heat Paks for releasing tension in the neck and shoulder
  • Free month of online Mindful, Kindful Yoga with me

2) The person with the most TIME practicing yoga for the 28 days

  • One hour massage or acupuncture session
  • Stress-Relief in a Box®
  • Free month of online Mindful, Kindful Yoga with me
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Connie Warden

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