Creating Positive Head Space to Enhance Our Immune System

Tuesday February 27, 2018 comments

How to Prevent Negative Head Space and Help Your Immune System Okay, so we learned last time about how to piss off the immune system, the Gatekeeper to our Happy Place. Now were going to learn how to soothe the Gatekeeperand boost the immune. Where do you start? Mindfulness is a term that describes the ability to become aware of what we are thinking, doing and feeling and is a great place to start. Mindfulness techniques are ways to practice that awareness. Have you ever found yourself doing something without... Read More

Ways We Piss Off Our Immune System: Creating Negative Head Space

Wednesday November 1, 2017 comments

Ways We Piss Off Our Immune System: Creating Negative Head Space Think of your immune system as the Gatekeeper for the entrance to your Happy Place. If the gatekeeper is pissed offor even just a little upsetyou might not be able to get in to your Happy Place. This means you will be sick, suffer from aches and pains, be low energy, have your sleep cycle disrupted leaving you either needing to sleep a great deal even if you dont want to, or unable to sleep, even when you want to, be susceptible to colds and flu and mystery... Read More

The Value of Free Time

Monday August 28, 2017 comments

Valuing Free Time Free Time A time for ease and relaxation. Do you remember when you were given free time. At camp or school you were told, Free time till lunch, do what you want. Wasnt that just the best!! Maybe your teacher said, I need to go down to the office, the next 15 minutes are free time. Enjoy! Instantly the noise in the room rose and this was a time of great excitement. Or maybe your boss said The meetings cancelled, the next hour is yours to do whatever you want (We can fantasize) Wouldnt you feel more energy,... Read More

What I've Learned Biking & Jogging Up Hills

Thursday September 29, 2016 comments

Going up hills whether jogging or biking is a lot like life when youre facing an up-hill battle. Whether its something big like a medical trauma, or something small, like figuring out your new updates, once again, on your phone. Going up hills on a bike or jogging requires the same qualities when facing lifes hills. Heres what I learned to go up hills with more grace and resilience. Mindfulness As soon as I begin the ascent my mind begins to become more in the sensations of my body. My body starts to become more stressed... Read More

Three BIG Reasons To Notice Your Inner Critic

Tuesday June 28, 2016 comments

We all have one, an inner critic. Psychologists have a term for this critical not-nice voice in our head and its called the Superego. Merriam-Webster defines it as the part of a persons mind that relates to attitudes about what is right and wrong and to feelings of guilt. The longer definition goes on to say that it is only partly conscious and functions to reward and punish through a system of moral attitudes, conscience, and a sense of guilt, and to compare. The Superegos function is to make sure you know the rules of... Read More

Intuition - Your Sacred Gift

Monday April 4, 2016 comments

... Read More


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