Stress-Relief in a Box®


You know the expression “don’t give your power away”. That’s what you do when you experience stress. You are not approaching life or your challenges fully, but with a fight or flight perspective. I know that by staying in that stressful feeling you are giving away your power. The tools in this box help you regain that power, showing up to the world with your full gifts, your unique self. You know the saying, to put on your oxygen mask first. These tools will do just that. By helping you manage your own approach, your own mental clarity, so to face the world with your full strengths and authenticity.

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What’s Included:

Mindfulness Brochure – On Mindfulness Meditation, its benefits and why it’s so important in this fast-paced world.

Two De-Stress Heat Paks – Use these Paks to calm your body and mind while helping you with your posture (especially at a desk)

Life Journal – Science has shown journaling has benefits both mentally and physically.

3 Meditations – recharge/reboot, being kind to myself, body scan meditation

2 Yoga Series – 12 minute yoga series for Sleep and for Energy

Stress Assessment – A test that shows where your current stress levels are at

Plus more!