Stress-Relief in a Box®

Feeling on edge?

Ready to leave the world behind, join a circus or find a cave?

Calendar full from dawn to dusk and the only joy you feel is when it’s getting close to the weekend or vacation?

Stress for too long causes a myriad of symptoms that effects your biology, like: Headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, pain, inflammation, infertility, relationship problems, heart problems and so much more.

Stress-Relief in a Box® offers you a solution.

You know the expression “don’t give your power away”. That’s what you do when you experience stress. You are not approaching life or your challenges fully, but with a fight or flight perspective. I know that by staying in that stressful feeling you are giving away your power. The tools in this box help you regain that power, showing up to the world with your full gifts, your unique self. You know the saying, to put on your oxygen mask first. These tools will do just that. By helping you manage your own approach, your own mental clarity, so to face the world with your full strengths and authenticity. 

“Our success at work used to demand that we understand business acumen.  That’s not enough anymore. Going forward, the leaders and successful business people of the world will also have an understanding of how to manage their biology. That will make the difference.”
Will McFarland

What Are The Benefits?

So how have you been feeling these days? These past months or years?

If you are experiencing life as a wonderful journey, experiencing life’s joys and life’s depth of feelings, with a lot of vital energy, a strong, flexible body and always expanding your personal potential – then you don’t need this Stress-Relief in a Box.

If you would like to get to that place where you wake up every day with wonder and excitement at what will unfold for your day then maybe we can help.

College Student – “This box gave me so many tools to help me during my finals. I would take a break to listen to a meditation or do a yoga session. Just so helpful”.

Complimentary 20 Minute Coaching Session

Schedule a call with Connie Warden to discuss with her how actively pursuing your well-being is actively pursuing your full potential.

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Stress Buster Heat Packs

The Stress-Relief Hot Paks are a hit!

We sent the prototypes out to see what people thought and wow, did we get a great response.

We learned from THEM just how many ways they used these paks!

“My co-workers keep asking to borrow mine. These paks are great.” – A.W

“I use them as I get ready in the morning.” – U.K.

“I put them under my knees when sitting and this has helped my knee pain.” – C.R.