Focus On Your Well-Being

You know how sometimes you simply must get away to get things done? Or to simply relax and focus on your own spirit. Through the retreat, you’ll gain clarity to your challenges and find the next steps you need to take. Clearing your mind will lead to this clarity.

All of Connie’s retreats give the participants a lot of freedom to do what their spirits are asking for. You can participate in the planned events or just sit on one of the decks to journal, mind-wandering, sip coffee, tea, wine… We get beautiful sunrises and amazing star gazing at night.

Some of the planned events are walking the Labyrinth, mindful yoga, hiking, having a game night, guided meditation etc. Oh, and we love having fun (slightly competitive) games of ping pong.

The meals are extraordinarily healthy and fantastically delicious! Additionally, participants food needs are taken into consideration (ex; gluten allergies, vegetarian etc.)

The retreat mountain home is in Conifer, CO and was specifically built for medium size retreats.

Some of Connie’s Retreats

  • Women’s Entrepreneur Retreat; Biz-Time, Me-Time
  • Stress-Relief Retreat: Begin-Feeling like Genghis Kan, Leave-Feeling like Gandhi
  • Mindful Yoga Retreat: BE Strong, Flexible and Balanced
  • Meditation Journaling Weekend
  • Relax, Renew, Unwind Retreat

Retreats for 2022

A retreat for 2022 is in the works. If you are interested in attending a retreat, fill out the form below.