Praise for Mindful, Kindful Yoga

“We had a family emergency, and while things are going better, I wanted to say that your techniques from class and more mindful breathing were really helpful during it. Even though I don’t make on Zoom as much as I would like, I’ve noticed positive shifts, and I really appreciate you and this wonderful class. Thanks so much.”

“Your yoga classes are so practical. I love how you tell us ‘WHY’ we are doing the poses. I’ve tried many other styles of yoga that ended up making my body hurt. I feel safe that I won’t get hurt with your style. In fact it keeps my body out of pain and brings it vitality.”

“I love how you make your classes about our relationship with ourselves instead of a physical fitness class.”

“Your approach settles my mind and truly gently helps me focus just on me without guilt! So appreciative of your dedicated teaching and friendship.”

“I have suffered from low back pain for about 5 decades. I had taken the medical path and was diagnosed with degeneration in my lumbar spine. A gift of the pandemic has been that Connie began yoga classes online and I signed on. That was about 15 months ago. I have been doing these classes about three times a week since then and I have NO back pain. Connie’s Mindful, Kindful approach is nurturing to the body and the soul and her numerous suggestions for taking yoga from the mat and into life are such juicy little gems. Connie is a teacher who is continuously learning and her students reap the benefits.”

Rave Reviews for Stress Relief in a Box

“Connie’s ‘Stress Relief in a Box’ is amazing both in the quality and in the surprising number of items it contains. I’ll mention two of my favorites.

First, her morning meditation and yoga is a delightful way to keep myself from wanting to crawl back under the covers.

Second, my 70-something-years old knees sometimes just hurt. Sometimes they are the reason I can’t sleep. To my amazement, just a very small amount of the Pain Relief rubbed on my knees makes them forget all their problems! I don’t understand how such a small amount of Pain Reliever can eliminate so much pain, but I’m very glad that it does!

Ok, just one more thing. You may have tried those wonderful neck warmers made of seeds. In the Box, you get your own microwavable heat pads, AND If YOU don’t take good care of yourself, WHO will?”