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I think everyone gets to a place of too much stress and what used to work just isn’t. Probably because your situation has changed. Our lives are constantly transforming. Changing jobs, locations, having children, aging parents. Sometimes we haven’t looked at what’s not working anymore and we stay in a rut. Until something happens and we are forced to look.

I remember having to do just that thing when I broke my wrist and I couldn’t be super busy. It forced me to look at what I wasn’t willing to look at and didn’t take the time to look at.

My passion is to help be a guide in whatever it is that stopping you from being your best self. A lot of times we KNOW what, what we SHOULD we just don’t know HOW.

Especially if we have a lot of commitments. James Clear says “Often what looks like procrastination is just really not having clarity”.

So if you are having problems with clarity around having a healthy lifestyle, a vibrant body mind and spirit, I just may be able to guide you in that direction.

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