Your Health Wellness Guide

Connie’s Passion

Connie’s passion has always been about health and the mind/body connection. She started doing yoga in high school after picking up a book on yoga and read about the correlation between how being flexible in body can help with being flexible in the mind.

Educational History

Connie got her bachelor’s degree in business and finance. Through that, she found her other passion, business, and entrepreneurship.

She then went on to get her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine and studied in Beijing for several months afterward.

Connie doesn’t stop learning, and she may even say at times, to a fault.  She continues to learn more about the body/mind connection with the newest science out there and always loves it when it proves what the Eastern medicines have been doing for centuries.  

Za Zen Lifestyle

Connie has been practicing acupuncture since 2004 and put her entrepreneurship passion into high gear when opening a day spa in 2006. It has an amazing experience in leadership and self-growth.

In 2010 Connie went on to open her own acupuncture and lifestyle coaching business. Getting certified in the 10,000 Year Thinking® coaching model has added even more value to her clients, because…

What a lot of people don’t realize, is that when treating someone using acupuncture and Oriental medicine you are using a model of health thousands of years old. Using this model requires looking at the whole person, body, mind and spirit. One is actually looking for a “pattern” of what is going on and not just the symptoms the person is concerned with.

There is a phrase being used more and more often called the bodymind or body/mind. Meaning they are so interconnected that they need to be used together. Modern science is proving that there really are a lot more interdependencies to health and wellbeing. Which is what the ancient model of Oriental medicine model is all about.

What Connie started doing more and more, was coaching the clients to understanding their own patterns, which a lot of time included overall lifestyle ideas. This led into a lifestyle coaching practice.

Which has led to understanding HABITS. Connie loves helping even the busiest of people incorporate the habits necessary to be healthy, on all levels. Because this is how we reach our HUMAN POTENTIAL!

Bringing Peace and Compassion Through Inspiration

Her practice was also the place that her intuition began to grow and she realized that everyone has intuition. Working with intuitive coaches and a spiritual mentor in this area has increased Connie’s intuition and is now teaching others how to bring out this inner wisdom within themselves.

Combining ancient wisdom and modern science is what Connie uses to lead her life and the life of her clients. Her biggest goal is bring peace and compassion into people’s lives by inspiring them to de-stress. Stress breeds dis-ease, on all levels.

She is currently writing her first book titled “Self-Leadershipping; Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science For a Roadmap To Success